November 21st, 2005


Death sucks

So my Dad passed away this morning. Apparently, he was on a business trip in Ohio and had a heart attack at breakfast and died.

Which sucks. We didn't always get along fantastically, but I love him.

So I'm sad, and I'm probably be sad for a while. I expect that we'll also have some depression, mourning, grief-stricken, and meleancholy to go with the just plain sad over the next few days.

I'm doing okay. Well, except when I get Annie Lennox's "The Saddest Song I've Got" stuck in my head.

Now I'm heading off to be with my step-mom and siblings on that side for a while. If I'm not online for a bit, see my post of a week ago when a college friend died.

*sigh* This whole 'death' thing, I think it was a bad idea.

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Quick update: I'm sad, but coping. Lots of crying with relatives today. Probably more crying tomorrow. Taking a break from crying right now because I don't want to get dehydrated.

I hadn't really thought about it before, but there are a LOT of things you have to do when somebody dies. Tomorrow is funeral arrangements.

Thanks, everyone, for all your comments, condolences, and sympathies. They mean a lot.

(And hey, I discovered an entirely new way to get comments: family tragedy! Sorry, sorry, loss brings out my black humor streak...)