November 27th, 2005



I'm going to summarize the funeral from Friday before I forget completely. It's funny, it was a big lump of ceremony that's supposed to mark the transition and provide closure and all that stuff, and it did it so well that it sort of feels like it happened weeks ago. The whole week of mourning has now been moved firmly into the past for me, and I'm feeling pretty much back to normal.

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I finally left at about 3:30 -- that's six hours of funeral stuff. Which was enough.

Last night, Greg and I went over to Neal and Rhonda's and hung out with them and Glenn and Cara, and we went out to dinner at a Chinese buffet that had lots of seafood, including little fried octopus with vegetables. (They were more interesting than tasty, but they were fine.) And today we zipped up to Boulder to have brunch with Bryree and Kate after he sang the Messiah at the Presby church up there. Brunch was tasty, but overpriced. But it was nice to see them.

So yeah. I'm doing fine. Thanks again to everyone for all your well-wishes and condolences. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog...