December 6th, 2005


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Today was cold and super-windy. Like, shake-the-building busting-car-windows windy. It blew a huge sheet of ice off the roof this morning, which made all kinds of alarming smashing sounds in the parking lot.

Because I am an enormous geek, I wrote a little program that diagrams the friendship relations between officers in Dynasty Tactics 2, so I can figure out who to send where to go and recruit all the civilians so they will belong to MY team, not the other guy's team! Then I realized that I actually only needed a tiny fraction of the information I was displaying. But it was still fun to do.

Also, I hate hate hate it when software gets upgraded and things break. Especially when it's the chrome on my browser at work. The default look is ugly and I can't stand it!
Mister Cranky-pants


Dang, I'm crotchety today.
Luckily for the world at large, I'm generally pretty good at hiding it. I just think evil thoughts at people who annoy me and glare at them through my closed door.

Millenium Actress

We just watched Millenium Actress, an anime by Satoshi Kon, and I just have to say: WOW. It is a totally amazing movie that everyone should see! (We will have more Anime Nights, I swear, and we'll definitely show it at one of them.)

It's confusing at first, because it mixes history and fantasy pretty freely, but that's kind of what it's all about - fiction and memory and how we construct the narratives of our lives. And it's got some wonderful symbolism, and the end pulls it all together. Moving and wonderful and strange.

It's the kind of film that made me wish I'd seen it for a class, so we could have a rousing discussion about the what it all means and then maybe get to read some essays about it. Yes, seriously.

Highly recommended.

(Oh, and it's also completely for grown-ups: it's a drama about film and romance! No giant robots, no tentacles, nothin'. Although I have to admit that Gozilla makes a cameo appearance.)

Here's a quote I really liked from a review I found online: "Tracing the point at which reality begins and fantasy ends is beside the point of Millennium Actress: contemplating the futility of trying to draw that line when it comes to the weight of memory on an individual's psychic and emotional development is closer to the core of Kon's concerns."