December 14th, 2005



Kuma suggested an evening without electronics, so one of the things we did was to play Yahtzee.

It's got more strategy than I remembered. It's difficult to play now that I know enough probability to calculate the exact odds of a particular roll, because I sit there trying to figure out whether I'm better off trying to fill the long straight from inside or keep the 5s and go for the 4 of a kind while everyone else is saying "would you just hurry up and PLAY?!?"

Happily, I was able to mostly suppress the impulse after a little while. I didn't win, but managed a decent score 2 out of 3 games.

And weirdly, dice don't hate Jerry when he's playing Yahtzee. I think it's because they feel neglected in other, less dice-centric games.


I was having a very blah day at work trying to deal with this obnoxious bug, and then I figured out how to fix it. And I realized that it would not only fix that bug, but solve a bunch of other problems, too. So that was really cool.

I don't have any time to actually DO the fix, of course, but at least now I know where to go. Maybe Friday I'll get a chance to deal with it.

On Tuesday, I ran a bunch of Education and Outreach people through my game, and they really liked it! I got lots of positive comments, and they're very interested in collaboration to promote it. So that made me feel like I've really accomplished something. Other professionals said "yeah, this is really good"! Yay!