December 28th, 2005


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I've been bad about updating, but, hey, Christmas.

I got all stressed-out on the 24th, but it got a lot better after I realized that of course I was feeling crappy, I just spent all day scanning photos of my Dad to put on CD because money is too tight for normal family gifts. Plus I was fighting off a cold. Once I was conscious of it, it was much easier to deal with.

One of the key aspects of a successful long-term relationship, I am starting to conclude, is finding someone who can put up with you when you're crazy. Because we all go crazy from time to time.

Anyway, Christmas itself was low-key and good. We cooked a bunch of side dishes and went over to my step-brother's for dinner after a morning of opening presents at home. (Bought before money got tight.) I regard it as a good sign that my stepfather now refers to us as "the three musketeers". =)

Diakon radish goes well in Waldorf salad, I discovered. Also, it's much better if you go easy on the mayo.

I was getting a cold at the end of last week, but now I sing the praises of zinc lozenges, because they really work! Had a day or two of taking sudafed, but otherwise no big deal. I don't know if they've figured out how to mask the taste better or what, but the green tea flavored ones I got didn't taste nasty at all, which is a significant improvement.

I got a 27-step Japanese puzzle box (himitsu-bako) for Christmas. It is totally gorgeous! My boys rock.

Today, for no readily-discernible reason, I have been in a super-mellow and relaxed mood. I am moving slowly and I can feel chi flowing around me. I think the proper word is "languid", or perhaps "languorous". I've often said that I never need to do drugs, because my brain manages to be plenty entertaining all on its own.

turkish delight

Oh! I forgot to mention, in my post about discovering things, that when zalena came over the other day and watched Last Exile with us, she brought us a box of turkish delight, so I now know what it is!

I had thought that it was something like divinity; this is competely wrong. It's a kind of a gel, halfway between jello jigglers and the insides of those fruit-slice candies, brightly-colored and coated in powdered sugar. The box we got was flavored either lemon or rose, and colored yellow or red, respectively.

It's really, REALLY sweet, although if you rinse the powdered sugar off under the tap it's a lot better, and pretty decent. I liked it.
Mister Cranky-pants

hate hate hate

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate Java and Sun?

Today's escapades: I'm trying unsuccessfully to download the JRE installer for my computer, but only getting the first 15 bytes of the files. I suspect they're having maintenance issues on their website, not that they've bothered to do anything to indicate that that's the case.

And WHY do I need to download the JRE installer? So that I can uninstall and reinstall java to get rid of Java Web Start, which was installed by some other program, refuses to uninstall itself, and which hijacks .jar files from the normal java runtime (again, without giving you the option to get rid of it and put things back to normal) so that it can fail to run them.