January 8th, 2006


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Back from the mountains! A great trip.

Not much to report; it was cold, snowy, quiet, and remote. Larry watched some football on TV, and otherwise we mostly hung around, played with cats and dogs, talked, and read.

A couple elk hunters stopped by the house this morning after their truck slid into a ditch a quarter-mile up the road, so Mom loaned them a couple shovels and we drove up to where Larry was feeding cows to let him know, since he had the vehicle capable of lending assistance if they still needed it (which they didn't). We helped him move some hay around, and when I put eyedrops in to wash out the dust, I had both contacts slide off-center, which was excitingly annoying and novel. I got them fixed no problem back at the truck (which had a mirror so I could see), but I was blind until then. It's actually less of a handicap outdoors than inside: if all you can see is big blurry colored blobs, that's still mostly enough to let you get from point A to B and have a general sense of what's going on -- though footing is pretty hard to judge.

Lots of pretty scenery. We let the dogs out and they ran alongside the truck all the way back to the house.

My mom sent us home with a sleeping bag full of frozen meat. (Okay, not a whole sleeping bag, just several pieces wrapped up in the sleeping bag for insulation.) We had to spend and hour and a half driving the 8 miles from Silverthorne to the Eisenhower tunnel on the way back, but we got home in one piece, so no complaints. Well, not many.