January 10th, 2006

chibi dr t


So, here it is! My job for the last 3 years! The hurricane landfall game!


Go! Look! Play! Learn about disasterses!

And I have a special request for all my LJ-friends: I just threw together these webpages (which are skeletal and, I freely admit, hideous-looking) over the last two days. If y'all could just glance over them and let me know if you see anything broken or hideously misspelled or anything like that, I would HUGELY appreciate it. I want to send out a bunch of official announcements tomorrow, and it would set my mind at ease to know that somebody besides me had looked at it first.

Also: we've having a contest to try and come up with a better name. Feel free to make suggestions here or by email!

Clarification: The project that the game is part of is "Disaster Dynamics", which is a name we like; the game itself is currently called "Hurricane Landfall", which we don't like for reasons detailed on the contest page. I'm looking for a new name for the game.