January 16th, 2006


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I took returntoshore some profiteroles this afternoon, since she was sick and couldn't come to Seekrit Satan last night.

I counted, and I only made 125 this year. (I burned most of a batch, and I think I made them bigger this year, too.) The chocolate glaze didn't set up quickly enough (I'll try less cream next time), so I abandoned prettiness and just tossed 'em all in a big bowl to stick together. But they tasted just as good, and every last one got eaten, so I think it worked out fine. =)

Lovely party. Smaller than in some years, but still plenty of folks. Lots of visiting with folks we don't see often enough. I got Dangermouse DVDs, yay! Brining improves roast turkey quite a bit.

It is very cold, but refuses to snow.

Greg's at class, Jerry's off at kung fu, I just got back from grocery shopping. Feeling strangely mellow. Hope your MLK day was good, too!