January 19th, 2006

Mister Cranky-pants

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Just in case anyone was unclear:

Never, ever, EVER, EVER buy a computer service plan from Best Buy.

kung_fu_monkey's laptop has started spontaneously shutting off. We suspect it's overheating -- the fans have started being really noisy. Oh, and the left mouse button has stopped working.

Two weeks or so ago, he took it to Best Buy and they shipped it off to be fixed. Last night, they called and said it was back.

He went to pick it up tonight and discovered that it hadn't been fixed. Not only that, it hadn't even been touched! They didn't open it, nothing!

Last time it was gone nine weeks while they futzed around trying to fix it. Time to start demanding money back.
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Polling interest

Poll #656169 Shall there be geeky nattering?

Posts about semi-obsessive RPG rules-hacking (mostly d20):

Could be interesting
Meh, whatever
I'd just skip 'em
Please god kill me now

If I do, the posts'll be friends-locked, since I may attempt to turn some of them into articles for Pyramid magazine, and that way I can honestly call them "previously unpublished" (just heavily peer-reviewed).

Come to think of it, I could create a filter-group to spare the uninterested...