February 4th, 2006

Dream of Bingo

Animated Obliquity

We just watched a Korean anime titled My Beautiful Girl Mari (or Mari Iyagi, untranslated).

It was really good. It's a very quiet film, kind of slow. It's also incredibly oblique; it's amazing how much of what's going on isn't explained or even shown directly. I swear that half the dialogue is just people saying one another's names.

I seriously spent about 3/4 of the film thinking "Huh? WTF? What the hell is going on???" There was no moment when I suddenly figured things out, and yet, at the end of it, I was totally satisfied. It's like the movie comes together in pieces to form a complete picture in your mind, but only when you think back on it, not while you're actually watching it. It's kind of amazing, especially when you consider that in many ways, memory is what the movie's all about. It's a very pretty film, too, which is probably part of why it works.

It's quite remarkable, and I would definitely recommend it. kung_fu_monkey says you should watch this movie or you will be scorned. The Internet is for pscorn.

(And if you do watch it, let me save you some potential confusion by mentioning that "Yo" is the cat's name, not the vocative interjection.)