February 12th, 2006

Dream of Bingo

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I stayed at work really late on Friday, doing a little catch-up from being sick. It's funny; I didn't mind at all, because the nice thing about staying late on Friday is that you can actually get things done. There's nobody there to interrupt you, and you don't have any schedule for the next day to screw up by staying late. So it's like this empty time that's much easier to work with than a lot of workdays.

Observation: it's ten times easier for me to rewrite something someone else has written -- even if I'm rewriting it totally -- than it is to write it from scratch. It's like having someone else's words there gives me leverage.

Last night I went and saw my youngest brother in his high-school's musical (Guys & Dolls), along with my step-mom, sister, grandmother, and my step-brother's wife's mother (step-aunt-in-law?). It was decent, as high-school musicals go. My brother was only in the chorus, but they had a really impressive dance number that he did quite well with. There were highs and lows. One of the main actresses was phenomenally good, but the musical itself... well, it's mostly a lead-up to one really bad pun. It's also one of those musicals where, if you edit out the reality-changing power of a good song, the plot really makes no sense at all. The kids did pretty well with it, though.

Got to find out how to fill up oxygen bottles for Grandma. Brought home a box of surplus food storage stuff (including several big vacuum-pack bags of nuts -- score!).

Went over to the Floyds' (Kuma & Monkey stayed home sick and studying, respectively) for Chris's post-confirmation reception. Nice to just hang with friends for a bit chatting 'bout nothing much. Otherwise, I mostly spent the weekend fiddling with a burst of creativity directed towards some d20 psionics stuff. I'll post some of it when I get a chance.