March 2nd, 2006


(no subject)

Frantic zipping from one place to another today resulted in two very successful demonstrations of the game, first to a group of high-school students who are on their way to MS/LA to help with hurricane cleanup, and second to a bunch of CS professors at CU. All of them enjoyed it and were quite impressed. Behold my sigh of relaxation: aaaaaaaah!

I got awarded a travel grant. There might be money for me to do more work on an old project I want to do some updates to. I'm getting interviewed by Gamasutra magazine about my game. I finally got the game to display some data in easy-to-read bar graph form instead of hard-to-understand numeric form (although the java HTML renderer is frequently incompetent, *sigh*). Played Jeff's Star Wars game last night. Writing stuff for the project with Keith. Had a truly wonderful time visiting with Dan this weekend.

In short, I'm really busy -- but it feels like a good kind of busy.