March 9th, 2006

Beem-Ur the Destructor

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So, Happy Birthday to the mid-terming monkey! (As of Tuesday, but since he's study-study-study man all week, it's a good thing we did all the celebrating last weekend.) G&C on Saturday for Jerry and Thomas's birthdays. Dinner with Mel on Sunday.

It snowed today. It was 70 yesterday. It's supposed to be 50 tomorrow.

Lots of not getting to bed early enough for me, but I also got a bunch of work done on the R project this week, so I'm feeling satisfied. This month will mostly about writing a grant proposal, UGH BLEAH GLEARGH.

Saw a couple of interesting talks yesterday, the upshot of which is basically: having the military deal with natural disasters is a horrible idea. And sensationalism in news reporting has evil, evil effects, so if you watch CNN or Fox News, or hell, any kind of TV news reporting, please stop. I'm serious. It literally kills people. And if you're watching, you're contributing to the problem.

Feeling kind of scattershot. Buh?

Why aren't I in bed?