March 26th, 2006

Mister Cranky-pants

Durian is really gross

I have discovered what is quite possibly the most disgusting flavor in the world: durian fruit.

I went shopping at POM (Pacific Ocean Market, the mega-asian grocery nearby) yesterday, and the garden wafers were on sale for 99 cents a package, so I picked some up. These are like standard waffle cookies (you know, the kinds that come in strawberry-vanilla-chocolate packs), except that, being from a different part of the world, they're a lot less sweet and come in different flavors.

They had durian flavored cookies, so I said what the heck and got a package, because I'm all about trying things at least once, and, well, durian, it's one of those things you hear about. There are plenty of people who like it, apparently, but its scent is... very powerful, and they're frequently banned in hotels, subways, and other public places in southeast asia.

I'm just glad I bought a package of melon wafers, too.

As people at my philosophew's birthday party this afternoon can attest, durian is nasty-flavored. (I brought the cookies along because I had to share.) The cookies smelled a lot worse than they tasted, but much of flavor is scent, so... yeah. The best I can describe it is that it's sort of stale garlicky-fishy-fruity.

Some people found it much more offensive than others. We quarantined them on the table outside, and the dog got into the bag that was holding them. She chewed up the bag, but left the cookies unmolested.

It's also worth noting that the actual fruit is about the size of a soccer ball and covered with spikes. I think this means it qualifies as a biological weapon -- not only is it really stinky, you could hit somebody with one and do significant damage.

So. Now you know. ...and knowing is half the battle.