April 24th, 2006


Harple Bithday to me

Whee! I survived my Jesus year!

So to celebrate my birthday, there was general loitering at my house today. zalena came (and gave me a spiffy book), as did drdeleto, lovecarnievan, and the rest of Hurricane Floyds. And then later on we got bryree, and goobermunch and derbiser and I got to meet Liam all brand-new, and we even got ng_nighthawk at the end of the evening. It was keen, and I'll probably never do that kind of LJ name-dropping again, because it's a pain to type all the tags.

I got a D&D book and those cool magnetic ball-and-stick toys, which fascinate me to an absurd degree. But really the big present was "we'll clean up the house and have your friends come over to hang out". Have I mentioned how very lucky I feel to have not one but two incredibly awesome schweeties?

This morning, to get some exercise, I walked over to the thrift store (I found a shirt I liked, even), and on the walk home I had this interesting moment where I realized that I no longer feel like I'm preparing for my adult life. This is it; I'm having it. And I'm pretty darn pleased with it so far.