May 7th, 2006

peculiar wedding moustache

Wedding stickers

Bill and Shelley's wedding was today. It was a very nice affair down at the community center. The ceremony itself was outside by the lake, where we managed not to get rained on, despite impressively menacing clouds. Their officiant sang a hebrew chant (is there a better word for what a cantor sings? It was Numbers 6:24; is that a psalm?) and man, his voice was amazing. The sun came out right at the end of the ceremony. (I got wangled into running the camcorder, so I was paying lots of attention to the light.)

Of course there was all the standard good stuff of weddings, which is to say, lots of socializing with friends. The best part of the entire thing, though, was stickering the groom.

See, they had the little boxes of jordan almonds and other candies at each seat, and they were held closed with ribbons and a round sticker that said "Bill and Shelley". Well, somehow during the course of dinner, our table came to the conclusion that what we needed to do was stick them to the back of the groom's jacket. Our initial efforts were only partially successful; somebody would get a sticker on, and them someone in the bridal party would remove it. So we recruited them.

With the complicity of the best man and the bride (among others), we got it set up so person after person was coming up and congratulating the groom, patting him on the back, and leaving a sticker behind. And best of all, I got it all on camera.

It was great!

(Since there was still a bunch of tape left after that, I went around and filled it with personal greetings and well-wishes from guests, so hopefully he won't kill me when he finally sees it...)

Jay and Laura and Jason Huck are in town for the wedding, so afterwards I joined them over at the Floyds' and we hung out and played a board game (Odyssey). We're planning on going to get lunch in Boulder tomorrow and do more hanging out.