May 25th, 2006


Some days, work is good

I just brainstormed ideas about a board-game version of my educational hurricane game with one of the student assistants working with us, and now I'm all psyched up! I think it's a pretty solid concept for the mechanics, and we just came up with it on the fly! I'll probably be bringing a prototype to our coalescing monthly board games night one of these days.

I usually like my job. Today, I like it a LOT!

(I need an icon for 'glee'.)

It's A Wonderful Night... for DDR

We have a new version of DDR, DDR Extreme 2.

"It's A Wonderful Night", by Fatboy Slim, may well be the perfect DDR song. Groovy song, good beat, and a continuous streaming pattern that's just the right difficulty. (And it's a six!)

I have to limit how many times I play it each session, so it doesn't wear out too fast!