May 29th, 2006


Weekend: Buffy bingo, peonies, head cold

Hooray for long weekends; boo for nasty head colds.

Friday and Saturday evenings we went over to Kate's to watch Buffy and hang out with, among many others, 0nce_and_future and thedragonweaver, who are in town for the weekend. I got a triple bingo on one episode, w00t, and I also typed in and uploaded all the player profiles for the new casual-gaming thingy we're putting together.

Went to the Botanic Gardens for picinicking and flower-looking yesterday with the Gamaches. The flowers making a big appearance were iris*, poppies, and peonies. The peonies were HYOOGE! I was reminded that I really like California poppies. It was pretty hot, but there were some clouds, so it wasn't awful. We got shakes from Good Times on the way home.

*I just looked this up, and apparently irises is the plural for multiple blossoms, but it's just plain iris for multiple plants. I suppose I still could have used either in this case...

Today is probably just going to be about cleaning up and going to bed early; Jerry has a summer job and has to leave at 6:30 in the morning starting tomorrow, so I get to start commuting by bus, which takes longer.

Emphasis on the "Mad"

Oh: we've also been watching a lot of Madlax, an anime by the creators of Noir. We're enjoying it, but the plot is being exceptionally opaque. (I have confidence that all will be explained, but probably not before the last episode.)

I summarize the plot so far thusly: Bullets. Crazy. Girls. Crazy. Bullets girls data explosions intrigue books crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy. Freaky-ass spirit girl. Crazy crazy, crazy. WTF? Crazy.