June 20th, 2006

peculiar wedding moustache

A musical tidbit from Boston

I just wanted to mention that while I was in Boston, we sang Happy Birthday to Perlick and, um, Indy? at T-Stop and Jessie's house.

(BWIWAF at Tep, there was a running joke where nearly every night at dinner, someone would say "You know, today is Lucky's birthday", and everyone else would respond "It's Lucky's birthday!?!?" and then we would proceed to sing Happy Birthday to Lucky, very loudly and off-key. This falls under the comedic principle of "if it was at one point vaguely amusing, drive it into the ground!")

This is noteworthy because, although round these parts we are prone to singing "Happy Birthday" in coffeeshops, the key of Q-flat minor, and pi/4 time, this rendition of the song was even more dissonant and arrhythmical, something I hadn't really thought possible.
radioactive panda

tempus aw fuggit

Okay, who took my day?

It was right here, and I was getting ready to do something with it, and now it's gone.

Seriously, that's totally not cool, just stealing people's stuff like that.