August 30th, 2006


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No time for a proper post, so just a quick update:

Friday, Net.Works opening which was very cool.

Saturday, Net.Works cocktail party at joebehrsandiego's, which was probably even cooler. His house is awesome. Again with the nice-to-meet-people-in-person. I accidentally doubled-up on my sudafed, so I was all loopy for most of the party, but apparently made a good impression anyway, since people said lots of nice things about me in their posts about it. Y'all are a bunch of flatterers, and you make me blush!

Haven't had a chance to comment on everyone's recap posts they way I want to, nor to update my flist yet, because of the stupid cold for which I was taking said decongestants. It kicked my butt and I slept most of the day Sunday. And Monday, too. Managed to get over to Keith's Sunday evening for Over the Edge (PCs: me, Neal, Dan, and Rob), which was fun, and Monday for talking about psionics book. But after an hour at work Monday morning, catching up on email and watering my violets, I came home, because I could tell that I wasn't going to be able to focus well enough to actually accomplish anything.

Same thing yesterday, though I did manage to clean up around the house some. Felt a lot better today, though my energy is still low, but I dealt with the Sudden Deadline From Nowhere and got some other stuff done, too, so I think I'm back on track.

I would say something witty, but the siren song of the futon is luring me away from the keyboard, so you'll have to wait.