October 29th, 2006



Whee! I'm blonde!
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Greg helped me with the bleaching. I'm sort of claiming that it's for Halloween, and that my costume is evil me from the mirror universe, but mostly it's a convenient excuse to bleach my hair, which I haven't done since a larp I played a few years ago.

Harvest party at the Floyds' this afternoon. Jerry made zucchini boats, ALL of which got eaten. I made the vietnamese pumpkin butternut squash, which was mostly eaten. And pistachio pie, which didn't get eaten at all, but hey, more for me. Actually got to see Karen & Thomas and Jeff & Alice and Tom & Heather, which was cool; we haven't seen them lately because they've all been very busy. I did Barbie tarot for Rose, Rhonda, and Mary. Also took a couple pictures of nekkid toddler with which to mortify in front of dates in about 15 years time, heh heh.


Of course, having decided that my costume was evil me from the mirror universe, I had to fire up gimp and make an icon for it. I'm pleased enough with how it turned out that I'm making it my default icon through Halloween. Collapse )