November 20th, 2006


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The net result of the teleconference I had to be in the office early for today is that I no longer have to do about half the stuff I was going to have to do for the NASA project. Woo-hoo! And even better, it's the difficult half! Double woo-hoo!

The other half of it is already almost done: I finally managed to find a working server and download it this weekend (well, the original data; the derived dataset we were sort of planning to use is still nowhere to be found), and today (after an annoying amount of waiting for IT to make some root permissions problems go away) I got the programs I need to use to fiddle around with it (which are installed on the network drive but don't work on my computer because they can't find the right glibc library) installed.

It was a highly parenthetical day.

Sunset was really spectacular this evening. Much showing-off on the part of various celestial phenomena. I didn't have my camera (dammit!) but it was one that you wouldn't have believed anyway; much too elaborate to be taken seriously as a real event and not just very clever computer graphics.

There's really nothing like a good display in the sky for cleansing the soul and making you feel refreshed.