November 27th, 2006

Mister Cranky-pants

kvetch kvetch javascript kvetch

Okay, all the times I have complained about Java? Multiply them by "annoying" raised to the power of "stupid" when it comes to JavaScript (which, despite the name, is no relation).

Seriously, who wrote this? The javascript runtime engine goes to enough trouble to auto-generate a Radio object that contains all the information for a set of radiobuttons in a form, and will let you programmatically alter their state and has event handlers for gaining and losing focus, but it doesn't bother to actually figure out what the current selected value is, despite the fact that that selecting it is, like, the entire point of radiobuttons even existing, and is therefore the single most likely to be used piece of information about the damn thing?!?

WTF! Dude!

Addendum: Who wrote this? Brenden Eich wrote this. He is a big dope.


So they're no longer stocking my favorite kind of chocolate bar at the grocery store. Green & Black's Organic 70% (or the Maya Gold). It's very powerful, not sweet, and I found out that they rate well on the whole not-evil fair-trade end of things. And the bars are well-shaped for breaking off just a little nibble every day. (Addict? What? Shut up!)

So now I will have to go out of my way to try and find them again. Foo.

Anyone have any suggestions for good kinds of places to go looking for schwanky chocolate bars, hopefully not too badly overpriced?