February 14th, 2007

Dream of Bingo

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I was at work editing and formatting Word documents for far too long today, but when I left, it was snowing... hmm, snowing casually I think is the best way to describe it, and it was very quiet, and it felt like a little bit of an make-up present from the universe.

(no subject)

We watched the final disc of Paranoia Agent tonight. It has a good ending. More emotional closure than logical closure, but it still works. Most of the series is functioning on the symbolic level anyway, so it's not like the ambiguity is new. Had to do some surfing to verify it, but we came up with some theories about What It All Meant that I was pretty satisfied with.

Proposal is nearly done! Mostly out of my hands; just need to do my part in making sure that everything is submitted properly tomorrow.

A happy V-Day to them what likes it. We didn't do much for it ourselves, but if you're into pink, it's your day.