March 8th, 2007


A question answered!

March is question month, in honor of which I'm going to actually answer one of the questions that dpolicar asked forever and a day ago!

Is there any "reality" television or equivalent you would be willing to appear on? If so, which?

Hmm. This is kind of a tricky question because I'm only barely aware of what's on TV. Most of what I know is reading various LJers' amusing recaps of different shows.

But, that said, it seems to me that most reality TV breaks down into two general categories: people being horrible, and people doing stuff that they're good at under various constraints. So a definite 'no' to the former, but I'd probably be up for the right version of the latter.

Most of the stuff I'm good at (e.g., writing code) wouldn't make for good television. But I saw a show once where they did something like stuck a bunch of scientists on an island and they had to solve various problems (using Science!) without all the supporting technology, and that sounds like it would be pretty cool. (Although, I'd probably be doing stuff like saying "hey, I think I figured out how to model the foraging patterns of the local crabs" and everyone else would be all "Whatever, we need to reinvent aspirin so could you be a little bit less abstract and useless?!")

And then, of course, there's Mythbusters. I'd be on that show in a heartbeat.
Danger + science + weird stuff + hot guys = AWESOME.