April 8th, 2007


Apparently it was Easter today...

Not much Easter-y around these parts. It was very cold and snowy off and on, though we did get some sunlight by the end of the day.

I paid bills, went grocery shopping, and did my taxes. Woo! It's a thrill-a-minute!

I don't object to paying taxes (you can't have civilization without taxes, and I like civilization) but I really dislike having to send it extra money at the end of the year. I have to remember to increase my withholding at work tomorrow. (I was going to grump a little more about it all, but I looked at pictures of cute mammals instead and the urge has passed.)

Speaking of cute mammals, Tom & Heather had their baby last night, I gather. Woo! again, for real this time. Alice posted earlier, I saw Rose in the parking lot at the grocery store, and the new mom sent out email herself about it. So hooray for that! Welcome to the world, Maya. It's normally warmer and sunnier than this, I promise.