April 19th, 2007


The Matrix Refactored

The Matrix movies, remember those? Way back at the turn of the millennium? They started out really well, but fell very flat by the end. My feeling about them is that nearly all the parts that I liked happened inside the Matrix; the stuff I didn't like was what went on outside the Matrix, and that's what overgrew the rest of it as you got closer and closer to the end of the series. The basic premise of what the characters were doing (fighting against the mechanical forces of oppression from inside a virtual world) was interesting and compelling, it was the extended premise of why they were doing it (humans as batteries? WTF?) that was confusing and boring and, well, lame.

So I was thinking I would share some ideas I had about refactoring the Matrix. (For those of you who don't hack, "refactoring" is a jargon term that means rewriting computer code so that it makes more sense and fits together better. That's a little joke...) The goal here is to preserve all the good parts of the original while redesigning the world so that it actually makes sense.

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Anyway, just an idea I got stuck in my head and wanted to share, in case people found it interesting. Whaddaya think? What would you add to it?