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June 17th, 2007

(no subject) [Jun. 17th, 2007|09:49 pm]
Yesterday we went over to Karen & Thomas's to watch Tron which Karen had never seen. I was surprised at how well the movie has aged. The graphics in the computer world still look really good, and they made a lot of good decisions about what to make realistic-looking and what not to. And the programming stuff, though terribly unrealistic, wasn't even that bad. I cringed more at the '80s fashion than I did the faux UI. Still, it would be really cool if someone redid Tron with realistic plausible technobabble.

Tonight, people came over to our house to watch Barbarella. I was not surprised at all by its failure to age well, but that's because it was awful the first time I watched it. It did succeed in being completely terrible in a really funny and entertaining way. I dunno, if a bad movie becomes a camp/cult classic, maybe that is aging well. Those who hadn't seen it before were amused and traumatized in equal measure, and I call that a win.

It's Father's DayCollapse )

Happy Father's Day to baronet, drdeleto, fufachew, goobermunch, lvlndlthr, nematsakis, ng_nighthawk, t_stop, toosuto, walrusjester, and all the other fathers (bio, step, and otherwise) that I know!
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