September 4th, 2007


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No posting lately because nothing much interesting to say. I've been busy at work, and busy outside of work with contract stuff, and I'll be more busy at work since I got word today that we have been "strongly encouraged" to resubmit the proposal that was declined and it's due October 1st. So yay! Kinda. And we were all kinda halfway sick this weekend, and I had D&D Sunday and had to do bills this morning. And when I'm not busy with work, I'm busy reading books and suchlike to cool down so my brain doesn't catch fire. All of which adds up to tired.

I submitted an abstract for a talk at Fall AGU which I am going to subtitle "How to QC and Archive 40+ TB of Data Without Losing Your Mind." I am hoping that the first slide won't have to say "Actually, you can't."

Hi! *dies is ded*