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September 17th, 2007

Still Alive [Sep. 17th, 2007|12:04 am]
Just a quick post to note that I am still alive. Mostly over the cold (I think it may need a name, like Tontor the Headache -- any suggestions?) although when I walked to and from POM today to buy a couple veggies I noticed that I'm definitely not all the way better yet.

Went over to Jeff & Alice's yesterday to help weed flowerbeds before D&D yesterday. We had eight people and it was over in almost no time. As I learned in my days as Haus Mangler back at tEp, never underestimate the power of large quantities of manpower.

Greg made lasagna last night and ended up making a double batch, so we had that for movie night tonight, plus the pork loin that Sara made, plus spaghetti squash from Glenn & Cara, plus the guacamole & salsa I made (thanks for the recipe, Rose!) which was why I went to POM, so it was Movie Night of Much Food, all of it very tasty.

We watched Murder By Death, and it was funny, but it sort of felt like it was moving at three-quarters speed. I wanted the joke density to be higher.
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That's Not How It Works [Sep. 17th, 2007|06:40 pm]
So I have a literary dilemma.

When I walked to the grocery story yesterday, the dregs of my cold had me feeling kinda wiped by the time I got there, so after I got my produce, I wandered over to the thrift store and looked for a shirt (no luck) and then sat in a chair and read the prologue and first chapter of a sci-fi book I found on the shelf while I recuperated for a few minutes. It was enticing, so I bought it.

The book is Permutation City, by Greg Egan. I'm currently about halfway through, and I can't decide whether I should finish it or not.

The problem is this: the writing is good, and I'm enjoying the various side-plots, and the setting explores a number of interesting ideas. But the main premise of the book is stupid. Beyond stupid, it's effing stupid.

Semi-spoilers and actual curse words behind the cut.Collapse )

So I ask you, my friends:

What should I do about this?

Enjoy the writing and just ignore the stupidity
Keep reading in hopes that some hinted-at bits will show that the stupid bits are actually all wrong
Set the book down and just walk away
Set the book on fire and just walk away
Finish the book, then throw it across the room in disgust [*most likely option]
Hunt down the author and bludgeon him with an Intro To Computer Simulation textbook
Continue to whinge and snark about it on LJ
Kittens! I mean "Other!"

Speaking of, Catz?

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