September 30th, 2007



It is a weekend of cookery.

We had to cancel D&D last night, so I decided it would be a good opportunity to do the 'cream puff howto' for returntoshore and zalena, since Jeff & Alice wanted people to come over for socialization anyway. (In part, because Alice had made cinnamon rolls.) So I made cream puffs, and got bryree to take pictures so I can make an Instructable.

We played a couple rounds of Unspeakable Word and then The Big Idea, which is always a blast. Jeff was able to play Motivational Love Shark as the followup to the classic Extravagant Time Shark of many moons ago, so apparently it's a franchise now. Sara's Gigantic Death Jet was brilliant. (Like a Viking funeral barge, but bigger. And flying.) I did quite well with Mentholated Bagpipe Organizer and Flammable Monkey Art. ("All ze greatest arteests come from France. Renoir, Monet, et now... JoJo ze flammable monkey. 'E eez a monkey. 'E eez on fire. 'E eez from France. And 'e make art for you. To 'ang on your wall. On fire.") It's all about the accents.

And today, Greg made tiramisu. I made chicken gumbo. Somewhat time-consuming, but not hard and I think it'll be good. (It still needs to simmer for an hour or two.) I realized that I was somewhat intimidated by the prospect of cutting apart a whole chicken, but no longer. I think there was a part of my brain that was thinking of it as a precision operation of some kind, like a dissection or something. Ha! No, it just needs to be in smaller pieces.

Movie Night report

We watched The Thin Man this evening, and it was fun. The amount of alcohol consumed is kind of boggling. Two things that I thought were noteworthy is that there was no soundtrack, really, only background music in scenes where there might be music playing in real life. I noticed this most in the scene where the hero was wandering around a dark building and it was just quiet, there was nothing saying "hey, this scene is tense!" The otehr thing is that it was nice to see a married couple with no issues between them. Nick & Nora Charles are very clearly happy and attached to one another, and there's no tension. You don't see that very often. (Even if the good, solid foundation to their marriage is booze...)

Also, the tiramisu recipe from the Nov-Dec issue of Cook's Illustrated is really, REALLY good.