October 4th, 2007


No I

Not dead! Merely mostly useless this week.

Severe and inexplicable insomnia Monday night. Possible contributor to uselessness, now that I think of it.

Picked up giant box of apples (pie-type) and tomatoes from my Mom at Dave's house on Tuesday.
Watched a couple episodes of Loveless, which is teh GHEY but potentially entertaining.

Went to Keith's last night for the first Wednesday in a while. Heard about his new and planned books, shared critiques about larp design, played 10-player Bang!

Took dinner to my grandmother tonight. Made wild rice using beef broth, steamed up the rest of the brussels sprouts, fried up the green tomatoes, and bought a rotisserie chicken (and some flowers) at the grocery store. Had a good visit, assuaged some guilt for not visiting more over the summer, brought home magazines (Smithsonian, Nat'l Geographic, Reader's Digest) for perusal and subsequent deposition at dentist's or doctor's offices.

Have been spectacularly unproductive at work, except for various stamping out of minor fires. And being saddled with running some kind of group-meeting-collective-vision thing in November.

Enjoying Stephen Bury (aka Neal Stephenson + his uncle)'s Cobweb.

Unsure of reason for avoiding the pronoun "I" in this post. Doing it anyway.