October 12th, 2007

peculiar wedding moustache

NCOD: Duh!

It's National Coming Out Day, and I feel like I ought to say something about it since it's the first time in years that I actually noticed it before it was over. (Pay no attention to the fact that I haven't gotten around to making a journal post before midnight.)

I don't really have any good stories about it, because by the time I had come to terms with my sexuality and come out to myself, it was totally obvious to everyone else, because I'd gone through several cycles of "he's cute - hmm, guess I must be queer - ack! can't cope - let's not think about it".

So when I went around telling people (because if you tell enough people that you lose track of who you've told and who you haven't, it become impossible even to pretend that it's a secret anymore), the conversation generally went something like this:

Me: By the way, I've figured out that I'm not straight.
Them: Um, DUH. Didn't you already figure this out already?

So my coming-out story is basically one of repeated embarrassment at having taken so long to do it and thinking that it would be a big deal when I did... because I'm lucky enough that with the people I know, it never really has been.