December 10th, 2007

Mister Cranky-pants

My feet hurt

Got in to SF Saturday, delayed by an hour by the weather, and met up with Paramecium Woman (my friend Xris the Ukranian madwoman), who broke her shoulder a few days ago.

Had a lovely, lovely visit. Met her cat Checkers. Helped buy pillows. Watched Shaun of the Dead. Was sneaky and sweeped up in the kitchen when she was in the bathroom and could not protest. Spent a lot of time not doing much, napping and/or reading and/or just hanging about, which was really how I wanted to spend a lot of my time since I didn't get much sleep Friday night.

Today? Collapse )

And thus, you are graced with my cranky icon.

Bah, I tell you, bah!

And harrumph.

(Not angling for sympathy, btw, just grumping. At least I got a good post out of it...)