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December 13th, 2007

Playing Catch-Up [Dec. 13th, 2007|05:19 pm]
There was one talk I needed to see yesterday morning and since then it's been all about catching up and visiting with people.

Saw John (my thesis advisor) & met his latest grad student who is kind of weirdly like me in build (and voice, apparently, not that I can judge) and also a very good programmer. (His was the talk I saw.)

Had coffee with Kristy (grad school colleague) and had lots of great discussion about the doing of science and Why Are People Dumb?

Ran into Mattie S., whose poster I had seen by chance the day before, and talked for a while about totally non-AGU things.

Ran into Hersh, another of my grad school cohort, on the sidewalk and said hi.

BARTed over to Oakland in the evening and got picked up by U-Boat & Christy, who hosted a lovely dinner at their place for me. Among the attendees were Bug, Spackle(!), and Lucky(!!), which made me feel that my social gravity is high. Which is a nice feeling. Dinner was great.

This morning I just played hooky and ignored the conference since the only thing to see today are posters and at noon I had plans to meet up with Wes, who is just a few blocks from the hotel but in the other direction. Tasty Mediterranean for lunch and a really great afternoon of hanging out and talking. Yay!

And now I suppose I really ought to go look at some of those posters, since they'll be closing things up in about half an hour...
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