February 3rd, 2008

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My Super Sunday: Cordon Bleu Chocolate

About a week ago, Thomas called to ask what I was doing this Sunday, because he & Karen wanted me to go to a chocolatier's with them. They had gone to a paired wine and chocolate dinner, and were quite impressed with them. So today, while Greg & Jerry went up to visit Chris & Todd (sorry I couldn't go, guys!), they got me & Rose to head down to Denver to do that. We had a nice lunch at a nearby pizzeria, and then went over to Wen Chocolates.

Oh. My. God.

I've linked to the shop's website, because, seriously. OH. MY. GOD.

So first off, Karen was owed some dark chocolate with lavender and sea salt from the dinner, where she didn't get any because of a technical glitch. So we got to try some of that. And it was amazing. Like, my brain kind of shut down levels of good.

Collapse ) It was a totally delightful way to spend an afternoon. If you live in Denver? Go there sometime. Seriously. And if you don't? Consider having some shipped to you.

We decided to spend the evening at K&T's, so I rode home with them, and then Rose came back with Chris & the kids and Chris made chicken cordon bleu for dinner. I helped out, we watched super bowl commercials in the background, children ran around, and all in all it was just lovely.