February 4th, 2008

Mister Cranky-pants

Excused on account of snow and tires

My excitement for the day was taking the bus to work then coming home early so I could walk over to the Floyds' and deal with the flat tire on the minivan. (Discovered it after we got back last night, and it was too dark and cold to deal with it then.)

In the snow.

Not a lot of snow, I admit, but enough that I was really, really glad we have a chunk of synthetic sheepskin kind of thing in the car that I could put on the ground to keep my butt dry. And that Rose was kind enough to make me a mocha and bring it out after she got done picking up kids from school.

Anyway, I had to refer to the owner's manual to figure out how to get the spare tire loose from under the car, but I got the dinky little donut tire put on and drove it over to the tire shop before they closed, and they should get to it first thing tomorrow.

But after that, I declared myself excused for the evening and have done nothing at all productive.