February 16th, 2008


Done, good.

My workshop is done, hooray! It went quite well. We got a lot of useful feedback from the users about what kinds of things they want to do with the data and how they want to get at it, and I think we presented them with a lot of useful information about the project.

My presentation was Friday morning, and enough people told me, unsolicited, that it was really good that I actually believe them. (Neal asked me what the threshold was for that when I was over at his place last night, and I think the answer is 4.) So that was pretty cool. I feel all professional and adult.

And now I have a three-day weekend. The only thing I've done so far today is to shave and take a shower, though I'm leaving in just a few minutes to go pick up my grandmother and go to my little sister's high school musical. I feel a bit boring, but life is good.