March 3rd, 2008

chibi dr t

Ooo, not tonight

There's been a muchness of rescheduling lately.

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None of which is a matter for complaint, by the way; there have been plenty of things to do otherwise (bills, chores, reading, writing, etc.) and with the getting ready to move at work, I'm feeling busy enough anyway.
Dr. Tectonic

To the rescue

So Pete (quirkstreet) posted this morning asking "What's your user-support superhero name?", and I responded that mine was Professor Amazing, because much like Dr. Strange or Mister Fantastic, being the technical guy in the non-technical division, the people I help generally have no clue what I just did or why it works, they're just amazed (and delighted) that it happened.

Funnily enough, I got to play hero this afternoon. Collapse )

That's the part of my job that I really like.