March 23rd, 2008


[Not] Only for the hardcore UK raver

Karen and Thomas were kind enough to let us invite a bunch of people over to their place today to watch Series 1 of Spaced. We had Sarah, Bryree, Chris & Todd, the Nevilles, and us. Hooray! There were jaffa cakes. It was an awesome way to spend four and half hours on Easter Sunday, and delighted me no end to be able to share my love for this show with friends. A Series 2 marathon will be coming at some point.

Sarah brought up the point that TV shows are often improved when they have an ending in mind, and I have to agree. Spaced was made not knowing whether there would be a second season, and so there's some nice open-ended resolution in Episode 7. "We have to keep it going" has been the downfall of many an otherwise great show.

It was fun seeing it with other people. I sometimes pre-emptively laugh at the jokes when they start happening, because the setup is enough to remind me of the punchline, but they are still funny to me. You pay attention to different things on later viewings (some conversation with Jerry this evening made me realize some interesting parallels/mirrorings in structure between series 1 & series 2 that I will have to be on the lookout for next time I watch series 2), and it's neat to have people watching it for the first time to remind you of things you've forgotten -- like how maddening the running gag of the flashback is the first time through.

FYI, it sounds like there will finally be a Region 1 release coming this summer, for those who may be interested but without region-free DVD players. Hooray! (There's also a U.S. remake in the works. It's being derisively referred to as "McSpaced", and sounds like something to be avoided at all costs. Feh.)

I have concluded that Episode 6 (the clubbing episode) is still my favorite, and it's not just because of the totally infectious song. ("Let Me Show You" by Camisra, DJ Tall Paul mix, for anyone who has it stuck in their brain. You can listen to it on YouTube.) But Episode 4 (the paintball episode) is a close second, and the very end of the series is just beautiful, and honestly moves me every time I watch it.

Anyone else have favorite aspects of Series 1?