April 3rd, 2008

ever so slightly mad

Hard and Soft

Dear Amazon.com,

Okay, I know that you have branched out quite a bit and that you're no longer all about books. People buy all kinds of things from you. But you started out with books, and have done books for a very, VERY long time, so I'm kind of surprised that there's this giant lacuna in the way you handle formats. I'm not talking about the (*snerk*) kindle. (Not even going there.) No, I mean, of course, hardback versus paperback.

Yes, I realize there are other formats, like trade paperback and whatnot, but let's face it: the vast majority of novels come out first in hardback, and then later on in mass-market paperback. And some of us care about that.

There are some folks who want it in hardback and don't like paperbacks. And there are some of us who can't abide hardback. So why is it so hard to figure out which format a particular book is in? And why is there no way to get that preference reflected in our recommendations?

I'm not buying that in hardback. Stop recommending it. No. I don't want it in hardback, tell me when it's out in paperback. Stop recommending that hardback to me, I'm not buying it. STOP IT I DON'T LIKE HARDBACKS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU I AM NOT BUYING IT IN HARDBACK THEY'RE TOO BIG AND THEY DON'T FIT ON MY SHELVES AND THEY'RE HARD TO CARRY AROUND AND I HATE THEM!

*ahem* Sooo... anyway. Your customers would think you're really cool if you made it easier for us to buy whichever kind of book we prefer, and steer away from the ones we... don't prefer.