April 20th, 2008



So Friday night there was Boys' Night In at Chris's. Greg did not join us -- he stayed home because he had some kind of gastro-intestinal dreadfulness (cue ominous music) and didn't even go to work -- but Chris, Jerry, Matt K. & I played Monsters Menace America and had a fine old time. Usually dice hate Jerry, but he was playing the giant mantis monster, and I guess they felt that was appropriate, because he just wiped the floor with the rest of us.

Yesterday Greg was improving, but still feeling too poorly to go join Elizabeth at Starfest, so he stayed home again while Jerry & I went and picked up his mom, who is visiting, in Lakewood. Then we got his brother Larry down in Aurora and grabbed tasty lunch at Star of India. Back to the house for a bit and then I was off to Jeff & Alice's for D&D.

I bailed a little early from D&D because I was starting to feel a bit... unwell. You may infer from the fact that I'm putting the rest of this post behind a cut that things did not improve from there. Collapse )

Anyway, I'm still feeling kinda lousy but nevertheless am doing a whole lot better than I was. Dunno if it's what Greg had (since his would fit with being an intolerance reaction to a sugar substitute he tried on Thursday), but if it's not, I suspect food poisoning from the mango custard. I think I should be better after tomorrow. Thank good for ibuprofen and modern medicine. Biology is really stupid, sometimes.

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