May 12th, 2008


Reflections and Projections

Experimental facial hair!

I didn't realize how much of an atmosphere of dread had begun to develop at work until Friday and again this morning, when I was walking in from the parking lot and realized that it was gone. (My Uber-Boss of Total Suck was let go on Thursday. Woo!)

Went and hung out with zalena yesterday. I loaned her a couple books and we went the cheese importer near her place, where I had a some quiche and a really tasty walnut-pear-bleu cheese salad, and then spent a while drooling over cheese. We chatted for quite a few hours and had great conversations about publishing and religion and all kinds of good stuff.

At work, I solved the GIS compatibility problem for 5 out of 6 models last week, woo-hoo! I now officially know far more than I ever wanted to about map projections.

Saw Iron Man last Sunday (not yesterday, but the week before) and fully enjoyed it a matinee ticket's worth. Can't add much to what others have said about it. We did note on exiting that comic-book movies, not being serial, have the problem of needing to come up with a villain that's sort of self-contained with respect to the hero, because you generally don't have time to do two origin stories, and the villain needs to have some significance, and this problem is often solved either by making the villain a reflection or variation of the hero, or by linking the villain to the hero's origin story.

Jerry and I finished watching Heroes season 1 last night. Yay! I was impressed at how many cliffhangers they managed to pack into the final episode while still resolving the arc storyline pretty satisfyingly. I'm currently debating how much of the extras I'll want to watch...