May 15th, 2008


Sometimes stuff is just good


I have been waiting ages for a couple cables at work, and they finally arrived! Which means that yesterday I was able to get the data I needed off an old hard drive, and today I fixed my ergonomic keyboard and did all the analyses that people had been waiting on for months and get all caught up on that project. This made me feel very accomplished.

Plus it was really lovely spring weather, nice and sunny but still cool and refreshing. I took a walk out behind the lab and both got exercise and appreciated nature.

Pall of doom gone from the office. Won the free lunch drawing this week in the cafeteria. Games at the Floyds' last night (Lost but enjoyed Key Largo, won Race for the Galaxy by a single point with a mining strategy) were fun, despite the drama of Rose getting to run to the hospital because she was having contractions, but even that turned out totally fine. Got a bunch of stuff done at work this week, even on Tuesday when I telecommuted because it was raining. And I read several really great pieces of writing over the last few days.

All in all, the last few days have just been nice, and have left me with nothing much to post about.