June 21st, 2008

radioactive panda


We just got back from watching Kung Fu Panda with Bryree! Woo-ta!

It was much of awesome. I loved it. Beautiful cinematography, funny jokes, great action scenes, just well-done all around. (Really the only non-awesome thing about it was lots of noisy childrens in the theater.)

It's really cool how much they can play around with movement and time in CGI action scenes. It must have been a lot of fun figuring out what the fight scenes would look like. I predict that in a few years people will be doing similar things with live-action film, because someone will have figured out how to affordably build a camera wall that lets them do simultaneous bullet time from all angles so they can just move the viewpoint around during editing.

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I want to watch it again already. Go see it if you haven't yet.