July 22nd, 2008

ever so slightly mad

ACK! Halp!

So... my place to stay while in San Diego appears to have just fallen through. D'oh! Halp!

(I was going to be staying with a friend, but havoc is being wreaked upon her life and she won't be there. The fact that not having to pay for hotel was one of the things that made this trip affordable makes it double-tricky.)

Is there anyone who's in SD or going to be there for Comic-Con who could help me out? Recommendations on suggested courses of action also welcomed.
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I have a place to stay!

Thanks to the fine Mr. joebehrsandiego, who put out the call to his flist, the most awesome and hospitable Mr. bnsd70 has very kindly offered to let me stay in his guest room while I am in San Diego.

I would just like to take a moment to recognize the both of them as gentlemen, scholars, and excellent human beings. I am tremendously grateful. Thank you.

Hooray for the power of people being nice!