August 2nd, 2008


Comic-Con wrapup

We had the first session of Jeff's 4e D&D game this evening, and last night we visited with the Durbins at Karen & Thomas's, but otherwise this week has had little to report. Which is good, because I need to wrap up the Comic-Con posts!

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I was exhausted at the end. It was lovely. I feel like the stars aligned to make the trip happen, and then they unaligned, and then they aligned again even better than they were to start with. The trip was all about good karma and the power of nice, and a huge huge portion of why it was so good was all the really lovely, wonderful people that I had only known online that I got to meet in person finally. I get a little choked up just thinking about it. Y'all rock.

Internets FTW!

I think I already posted a link to my pix on Flickr, but here it is again:

Nicole mentioned at some point that she liked taking candids, and I realized that I agreed. A picture of a guy dressed up at Batman is kinda cool, but a picture of a guy dressed up as Batman taking a picture of the Iron Man statue is so much cooler. (I missed that shot because I was too slow.) So if you're wondering, that's what I started trying to take pictures of at the end of it.