August 18th, 2008


Weekend in Utah

So this last weekend, I went to Utah and had a good time. Collapse )

I know it makes for lousy storytelling, but I'm thinking "I hung out with some friends" is a major component of a good vacation for me.

I feel like I ought to be able to say more about what I learned about Reid & Richard beyond "they're really cool and I like them" (and they're taller in real life than online), or what we talked about besides that sort of sharing of history that's standard with new friends (and sharing of notes on poly relationships, which I think is probably also standard), but I'm finding it quite ineffable, so you'll just have to settle for "I had a really good time".

Once they move, there's going to be a good dozen or so people in LA that I'd really like to see more often. I'm going to have to find some reason for work to start sending me out there...