August 22nd, 2008

chibi dr t

Horrors: Arkham

Spontaneous games at Chris's last night led to us getting stomped at Arkham Horror. We were playing with the Kingsport expansion, with six players (us, Chris, Matt & Bryree), which meant that we could only have six gates open before the baddie awakened. Well, we didn't really pay too much attention, and there were a couple events & monsters that slowed us down, and before we knew it, six gates were open. And it was Yibb-Tstll, which (1) requires twice as many combat successes (12, in this case) to remove each doom token, and (2)has a minus X modifier to combat rolls, where X is the number of clue tokens remaining on the board. Which was FIFTEEN. The best we could get up to was minus one dice. So, yeah, it was much of lose.

But it was fine because we had fun and it ended quickly, which was fine because we needed to got to bed anywya.