October 1st, 2008

thumbs up

Have some love!

There seem to be some bad juju vibes free-floating about many people in my corner of the universe recently, so I thought I would make a post where I offered to think good thoughts in the direction of anyone who wanted it.

And then I thought, why should people have to ask?

So I just went through my entire friendslist and spent a few moments on each and every one of you, contemplating and appreciating your unique and individual awesomeness. And then I thought about the awesomeness of people in general, to cover all the people I don't know well enough to appreciate in specific.

So if you're reading this? I think that you, yes, YOU are made of WIN and AWESOME! You rawk! Hooray for you!


(And I have to say, I recommend this practice to anyone who might be interested. I now feel really good because I know so many awesome people!)